Monday, May 31, 2010

Dispatch from the Empire Builder: Minnesota Nocturne

Dusk. I'll be watching for Trouble like Gene Wilder in Silver Streak ...

Dispatch from the Empire Builder: West-bound to Stumptown

Yep, an empty seat where Dolly-girl ought to be. After a great weekend in
Big Windy, I head on back to track down Trouble in Stumptown while
Dolly-girl heads east on the Lakeshore Limited to visit the Bianchi family.
Me-oh-my, I miss that wave already!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Dispatch from the Empire Builder: Enroute to Big Windy

Me and Dolly-girl had a good visit in the Twin Chill which turned out to be feeling either the effects of global warming or the side effects of the Devil's Team -- the Dreaded Yankees -- in town for a series. Either way, it was hotter than mock duck on a charcoal grill. Sure glad when we found a bar with a dramatic display of Grain Belt Premium. Stay tuned for more of our adventures including a review of the famous Nye's Polonaise Room!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dispatch from the Empire Builder: 20 Minutes in Havre

Station stop Havre. There used to be some local entrepreneur who sold
chicken and biscuit dinners to the train passengers. Not any more. But
there's an old Great Northern locomotive here

And a "second generation hobo with a cell phone and a few bucks" got off
the train. He lives in Havre. Good place if you like trains ...

Dispatch from the Empire Builder: Platform Talk

We arrived early in Shelby Montana and have 40 minutes. It's a nice day so
Dolly-girl and me stepped out to exercise shank's mare. Why I looked for Mr
T, Dolly-girl patrolled the platform, recording shards of stray
conversations among passengers and crew. Fatal accidents, concealed
weapons, snow storm delays, working after 911 when only trains were
running, aliases, and all sorts of talk no one needs to hear or know.
People passing time ... Dolly-girl on the case!

Dispatch from the Empire Builder: "It looks like Oregon ...

Dolly-girl woke up, looked out, and said, "It looks like Oregon except for
the trees ... ". If I had a wave I would have shot her a look.

Dispatch from the Empire Builder: Breakfast in Western Montana

Dolly-girl was sill snoozin so I decided to head on down to the feed bag on
wheels and get a cuppa. My plan to get there early and have a table of one
didn't work as a lot of people were headed to Glacier and we're getting an
early start. The others were from coach and were tired of not sleeping.

Dispatch from the Empire Builder: Sunrise near Libby, Montana

Not time to wake up yet!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dispatch from the Empire Builder: Headed east in the Columbia Gorge

Dolly-girl enjoyed her poached salmon dinner and we washed it down with
some complimentary champagne. What's wrong with train travel. Nothin'

Dispatch from the Empire Builder: Leaving Portland

Dolly-girl settling into our sleeper.

Dispatch from the Empire Builder: The Metropolitan Lounge in Portland's Union Station

Me and Dolly-girl hopped a gypsy cab run by a couple looked just like
Anthony Kay and Kay Anthony. "Union Station and step on it!". He did. We
checked into the Metropolitan Lounge and relaxed with a cuppa. Not exactly
what I was looking for -- I had a hankering to drown a couple olives at
Wilf's but they don't open until 15 minutes after #28 heads west. Poor
planning on their part I'd say ...

Dispatches from the Empire Builder: Train 28 from Portland at 4:45 PM

Me and Dolly-girl are headed over to the Twin Cities so I can talk to some people that need talking with. Yes, indeedy, D'Mestiere Investigations is on the road. Thelma's got her baby blues on the office, and I'm leaving Stumptown to her able hands. After The Cities, we're heading on down to Big Windy to meet up with some friends from over yonder who've been down under but are back. Turns out we met them on the westbound Empire Builder back in 2003.

We'll be keeping you posted as #28 heads for the Tri-Cities, Spokane, Whitefish, Cut Bank, Havre, Minot, Rugby, Grand Forks, Detroit Lakes, and on into St. Paul. I'll be keeping my eyes out for Trouble on board while Dolly-girl scribbles in her book and shoots me look through the wave...