Monday, September 24, 2007

Moving on...

Tonite I sit typing on Nancy's computer as mine is taken apart and moved to Portland. To Portland and back this afternoon with the final load of stuff the movers won't move. Back to hear the crickets and the great horned owl call at the harvest moon.

Tomorrow the packers come to box our stuff. Nine years and two months at Oxbow comes to an end on Sunday and a new phase of our lives begins. The city is the right move now, especially given that this wonderful spot on the earth where we live has just been borrowed. But, it is truly ours as we have honored it and our art graced it as we grew from its inspiration.

No photos tonite to post--the camera is packed. And the last images of Oxbow--soon to be as empty as it was when we arrived--our ours to keep and not to share with others. We take away 9 years of memories--our married life--and we leave parts of our hearts behind in memory of two small pets who will be here forever.

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