Saturday, October 27, 2007

One month on...

and the Little House in the Big City feels like home! Nancy has done yeowoman work unpacking and putting the place together. Rugs and art make all the difference; cats are venturing out under her watchful eye; the yard is looking ready for the winter; and, she hates books! I'm sure that will be temporary, but yesterday my email was full of "grrr, I HATE books!" I think it was the day of organizing them that did it.

Life in the city is different. I leave the house at 6:45 to catch the 6:57 Number 9 bus. Half an hour later, listening to my Nano and reading a history of Venice, I arrive at 3rd and Salmon for the 5 minute walk to the office. If I take a later bus, it's more crowded and the later bus home in the afternoon is crowded and hits more traffic. I have to remember an umbrella. Everyone says "good morning" and "good night" to the drivers. Not much chatter on the morning bus; more in the afternoon.

Best things? Public transportation, walking distance to grocery, diversity, new projects at work, a zillion restaurants. What I miss? Bustle of Corvallis Lab, Squirrels, Indian Buffet, friends, world traveling with Gary.

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Newsman said...

Gidday, John!
Love that blogger thing, boy!
Sounds like the ride into work can be a real bugger, but this comes from the perspective of a lad whose idea of a traffic jam is getting stuck behind a manure spreader on Concession 8! And the wind she is blowing the wrong way, that is one friggin ride!
Glad to see your settlin in the big city.
And I love those pictures!
Take er easy...
Angus, From The Prior

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