Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Passing of Two Old Friends

Bought these speakers in 1974. Shopped for weeks. Listened to low-priced, high-priced. Took my own music with me. Pretended to hear unhearable sounds. Bought these. Made for a small chain audio store in Minneapolis. A tweeter, 2 mid-ranges, and a woofer in each cheap veneer-covered chipboard cabinet. You could really drive these babies! Vibrated one right off the steps at Oxbow a couple times. Replaced a mid-range and a woofer over the years. A couple of sets of foam fronts. They've been with me almost my entire adult(?) life.

But, I've grown up. Don't need the volume these days. Opted for 21st Century technology. And Nancy said they weren't allowed in the new house.

Glenn, a guy about my age, came to pick them up today. He snapped at our Craig'sList ad "Free to a good home..." in less than 5 minutes. Enjoy them Glenn, but, they're old, so No Stairway, No Watchtower!

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Ronna said...

I seem to recall vibrating one of those babies right off the stairs. As I remember, it was to the Talking Heads' "Life During Wartime" and that baby went flying! One of the many fabulous devil-disco parties at Oxbow. Can we look forward to new parties at the grown-up house? I'll bring the margaritas...