Monday, February 23, 2009

An Afternoon in Portland: Walking Across Town

Portland is full of food carts--trailers that are located in downtown parking lots and offer all ilks of food. Mexican, Thai, Vietnamese, Czech, Polish, Middleastern, Greek, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, why there's even a place that does "American."

Some call them Roach Coaches, but to tell the truth, it's some of the finest lunch food in Portland. I call Tabor--the Czech food--the Czech Wagon, get it? Like the Chuck wagon...And Thai Basil, well, read the review.

One nationality is missing and it's a niche that needs filling so badly I can't believe it will be long. Where are our Neighbours to the North. Or as Richard would say, "The lads up the line are missin' a big chance there, don't ya know, eh?" Recently, Beaver Tails were featured on a popular blog. But Portland has no poutine. Pas de poutine, eh? There claims to be a place that serves poutine, but it's the Belgian fry cart and they offer a vegan poutine. Please...s'il vous plait...vegan poutine?

Now, there's a food cart for sale in Portland. If ever a business chance existed in an economy gone awry, it's to sell fries, covered with gravy, salt, and cheese curds to a epidemically-overweight population (including yours truly). "I'll have the sausage poutine special please, and add a Lipator if you will...see if you can get it from Canada--it's cheaper up dare..."


Ronna said...

Where did you get that sausage poutine pic? Okay, so if you get Richard and me green cards, we'll come west and sell poutine from one of those wagons and call it "Movable Feast, Eh?" Whaddya think?

Newsman said...

Bein, Jean,
Me and the lads would first have to down a few cool pints of Molson Export before we would think of exporting our poutine recipe, eh?