Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Saturday Around Noon at SEATAC Airport: Shooting Movies With My Blower

A week ago, when Dolly-girl and me stepped out to supper over on the other side of the river, I forgot my Kodak and ended up taking some snaps with my blower. I'll tell you, this phone-o-mine ain't no iPhone, follow? Even set on high resolution, the snaps look like the catch-em-if-you-can shots I used to grab outside no-tels back when I had to follow love birds to keep beans on the table and beer in the Frigidaire...

I was coming home yesterday from a trip up north. Lately I've had plenty of work here in Stumptown, but this caper seems to pop up about once a year and it heads me so far north I'm almost headed south. Up where the Chena turns a corner and people ride dogsleds down rivers to drink cold beer. Go figure.

It's a big job, so I had plenty of lenses with me, but standing at SEA--that's Seattle-Tacoma International for you that know you're not in the know--I decided to try the movie camera on my blower. Turns out people don't pay you no nevermind when you're tappin' the dial of the phone--must think you're making tweets like a bird or something. Here's a sample of just what it is that goes on at Gate C2K...Oh, to use the movies, they have to be converted to a different format. I didn't feel like buying a converter. I don't think the "Evaluation Copy" take too much away although you do lose the sound, but you couldn't hear much anyway...

A couple with matching sudoku books, trying to learn a few new numbers. If that game were anymore exciting these two would be asleep...

It's amazing that people will walk right by fresh food to a fatburger stand. I'm pretty sure this couple spends a lot of time in the gym so they can enjoy this corn-a-copius from Wendy's. Burn a double in grease with wax; sliders in the alley...

Why would you want this job? You are either sitting there waiting to do something or people are screaming at you. But these days, a job is, well, something to hold on to.

Here's one I shot on the way to the plane. Good thing they had railings on the ramp as I damned near fell down since I was watching the blower and not my step.

Finally, here's one I discovered on the memory card from last May--Dolly-girl and The Cardio Dominatrix trying to decide what to eat. They'd already made the call on drinks. Looks like a Mint Julep for Dolly-girl and a Sazerac for TCD!


Karen said...

LOL That's cracked me up watching Nancy and I analyse and make our decisions! Too funny!

Newsman said...

Could it be that you are working undercover for that Homeland Security thingee our friends to the South have devised to protect the world from those undesirables?
I am sure I detected a hockey player from Sudbury in the background in one of your surveillance tapes.

And that code you use. Sliders in the alley...very cryptic.

Félicitations! (That is French for felicitations.)

Ton ami,
Ree-Shar. (Pronounced exactly as it is spelt.)