Friday, April 17, 2009

A Beautiful Day in Our Nation's Capital II: Walking Around DC and Dinner With Molly

I spent a few hours walking around Our Nation's Capital today. It was a beautiful afternoon, warm and sunny, and lots of other people had the same idea. I started at the White House. It really is a beautiful place and it seemed to me it was more beautiful than I had ever seen it. It looked uplifted.

Next door is the Treasury Department. It didn't look so uplifted. I saw some sort of fatcats being escorted in the back door, no doubt to pick up their TARPs. Out in front I expected to see pails stacked up given all the bailing that's been going on. They must be using bilge pumps!

On the South Lawn of the White House I could see why the building looked so much better than I remember seeing it look in a long time. And you can see the garden from the fence. Lots of plants were waiting to be planted.

I walked by the Federal Reserve too. No buckets there either, but a couple guards chatting while they protected the economy.

I headed west on Constitution Ave., stopping at the National Academy of Sciences to say hi to Einstein, but a particularly ill-behaved class was there and their teacher was letting them climb all over the Caulder bronze. Then I saw the DC Duck tour bus/boat.

I went to the Lincoln Memorial to wish Abe a happy 200th birthday and then I stood in the EXACT spot where the Boss had stood during that concert I attended before the inauguration--remember my previous post from January 19?

I stopped by the Viet Nam memorial as I usually try to do and think about some friends who didn't make it back. Bill Wade, Mike Eckerfeld, Tom Scullen, and Vernon Green. RIP.

Later I met up with Molly and we went to dinner at Poste in the Hotel Monaco near where she works. It was good.

We took the Red Line Metro to Farragut North where I got off and she continued on to her stop at Van Ness.

Time to head home tomorrow.

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