Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Beautiful Afternoon in Portland: Alberta Art Hop 2009

Saturday was the 10th annual Alberta Art Hop--a day with the street closed off, people moseying along, all sorts of tents and booths and food and art and crafts and things posing as art and craft. The featured artist this year was Thelma Johnson Streat, Portlander, WPA artist and the first African-American woman to have her work collected by the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA).

How good an idea is a Rib Pit?
How bad an idea is a Vegi Dog?

There's music from singing and playing of musical instruments and there's singing and playing of musical instruments that isn't so musical, for instance, a strolling electric minstrel.


There was at least one person wearing a dress festooned with marshmallows.

There was a place for tough chicks.

There was Yoga by Donation--I guess that's Donation sitting there...

There were roses, hula hoops, hats decorated with foxglove, snail shells, and western red-cedar, and a place to buy, sell, and trade.

There's a new food cart/bus on Alberta--The Grilled Cheese Grill--specializing in grilled cheese, everybody's favorite!

Free samples of the Kindergartner--it was good, alright.

There were Eskimo Pies to be eaten--kids still flake the chocolate off and eat that first...

And, there was a parade featuring March Forth, a marching band with stilt walkers...


The Schwinn Club...


A parade unit of one, doing her thing, whatever that was...


and Rose City Vaudeville bring up the end of the procession.


All-in-all, a grand day out.

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Karen said...

I feel just like I was there...