Wednesday, July 8, 2009

An Editorial Revision of An Evening in Ellensburg: Dinner at the Valley Cafe

Once again, polishing characters, I'll bring my loyal readers up to date with a change in Sarah, first met in Ellensburg, who is now Kay, Kay Anthony...

Time and space lead people far and wide. Kay Anthony and her pipes were working a club in central Washington, and I'm not talking the District here. Turns out, her guy Anthony Kay, won a piece of the joint in a card game back east somewhere. They packed up the roadster and headed west to find the fortune. But fortune, fame, and trouble hide in funny spots. They hit the west coast and next thing you know, Kay's doing time with the state and Anthony's picking up a new career, waiting for her to serve. Word on the street is that she's working the farm labor scene while he's just gotten philosophical.

They'd been together for a while and were thinking about taking each others names, but then she'd be Kay Kay and he'd be Anthony Anthony, so they decided to leave sleeping dogs lie.

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