Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Things You See in Ashland, Oregon, September, 2009

Nancy and I joined our friends Dolly-girl and Jack for a quick weekend trip to Ashland, Oregon, home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. I'm pretty sure that Jack will be writing a few words about the trip, but I thought I'd post some pictures I took. We took in a couple plays--MacBeth and Equivocation, an excellent new production. If it comes anywhere near you, go see it.

Saturday morning we hoofed it on down to the food co-op and farmers' market and I snapped a few pictures of what people are eating and looking at in Ashland. Fruit is big down there. Fruit drinks too.

Everyone loves flowers, particularly ones that look like these. Nancy wrote some post cards while we were sitting in Lithia Park

Ashland can be a little dear so we headed for grittier destinations, including Central Point where we visited the Rogue Creamery. They won the recent International Cheese Competition for their blue cheese entry. It's only available from sometime in October until it sells out. They told us that's because of the milk that they use to produce it--probably related to the fresh pasture is my guess. So they didn't have the big winner and I don't like to eat things that are pre-rotted anyway, but Nancy would have. She likes the stuff.

I'm more of a bacterial fermented cheese fan myself. I do like that they keep the Caveman motif going. Nancy and Ronna have looked up the Grant's Pass Caveman's shorts as documented in 2007.

Across the street from the supposed Best Blue Cheese in the World is Dusty's Transmissions. I like Dusty's enthusiasm. If it's like most transmission shops they should also have a picture of Dusty crawling into your savings account...

We did run into this accordion duet downtown Ashland later that evening, so it isn't all dear.

And I got an interview with them. That wasn't too difficult.

And we saw the end of the day a bride dreamed of. I think her father was passed out somewhere. All-in-all, a fun day. The photographer stopped traffic so he could get a shot of her tossing her bouquet with the Ashland Springs behind them. With the cost of weddings these days, fathers should be out there playing linebacker and breaking up that pass...

The "guitar player/singer" in the foreground was not part of the wedding. He wanted us to give him money.

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Ronna said...

And only Nancy and I know what was really going on under the caveman's outfit, eh? (And I'm not telling!)