Tuesday, November 24, 2009

National Novel Writing Month: 7 Steps to Perfection

57,538 words. The first reviews are in:

7 Steps to Perfection

"A tale of intrigue, inconsistently told!" J. D. Salinger (Don't believe it? Ask him for public comment...)

"An unbelievable story--let me say that again--unbelievable!" Vice-President Joe Biden

"A refreshing alternative to my book, and maybe truer! You betcha it's on my bedside table, right next to my *wink* Ruger .44!" Rogue Maverick, Sarah Palin

"If we'd had to read this aloud on "Radio Rock" we'd have scuttled that ship in the time it takes the Queen to kill a pint of gin! If the ship had had to listen, she'd have scuttled herself!" Rhys Ifans, Gavin in Pirate Radio.

"A ship can't sink that fast." Her Majesty, The Queen, Elizabeth II


Ronna said...

I want this book as a gift for Ree-char for Xmas. When will it be at Powell's?

Newsman said...

It is such a what ya call it? page turner, that me and the lads are cancelling the moose hunt so we can attend an autograph session by De Atter Himself At Canadian Tire.
Ya better wear plaid. And we hear the mastery of the French language would put that lad Moliere to shame!
Give er!