Saturday, February 27, 2010

Waddling in Alaska

The last 4 days have found me in Fairbanks and on two of those days I've actually ventured to the hotel "Exercise Room," in this case a small room with a treadmill, a bike, and something I think is an "elliptical" or at least it looks like something that ought to be called an "elliptical." Oh, and 4 mirrors. I don't get it with the mirrors.

I chose the treadmill, figured out how to turn it on, change the speed, and the incline, and passed on all the high tech programing. Thirty-two, and then today, thirty-five minutes later, I turned it off and stepped back to terra stationaris. I'm not easily bored, but a treadmill can do it. I guess the only thing more mindless is the Fox News that's usually playing in those rooms.

I'm happy that I've broken the "Exercise Room" barrier, although I'm not sure I would have stayed if anyone else had been there. Anyway, between the treadmill and outside temperatures between -5 and -22 [and those are real degrees, not Degrees C(anadian)] on this trip, I'm glad I live in a place where I can take a walk in fresh air, even if it's raining...

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