Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Architecture in Juneau: Incorporating Cruise Ships in the Skyline

When you have four-to-six of these babies at one time in a harbor the size of Juneau, they become a part of the city. The ship dock accommodates four with another two in the strait. Each ship holds about 1,400 tourists eager to do whatever it is tourists on cruise ships do--I guess cruise Juneau for more of what they bought in Ketchikan, only with Juneau written on it. OK, more than that, they take float plane trips, they go to the glacier, they buy stuff, they drink. Whatever. There are also about 600 crew per ship, but you don't see much of them.

Anyhoo, the ships really become part of the cityscape when you look toward the water--not so much when you look toward the mountains. Walking down Franklin Street, one of the main shopping streets, you can see a ship become an extension of the street.

Here, the Rotterdam merges with an office building/apartment complex.
The prow becomes part of a city park.

I guess not everyone is doing the social thing on board.

Ever wonder what along-shore men do with these fancy ships that have bow and stern maneuvering engines? Here's what.

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