Friday, November 26, 2010

Dispatch from the Sky: On Board Alaska 14 from Seattle to Newark

Dolly-girl leaned over from her place in seat 1-A, jabbed me in the ribs, and said, "How about this Jack? First Class!" I looked at her. "Yep, First Class, alrighty. Remember when I asked them to upgrade us 'cause we missed the connection to the clipper 'cause the flight out of Stumptown Field was late? And remember when she did it?" "Oh yeah. What are you doing over there--is that the intertubes?" "Sure is, Dolly-girl. Free WiFi they said, and I'm taking advantage of it. I can use that i-mail thing you showed me to send Thelma a few notes about people that need talking with when we get back from Coal Country." "e-mail, Jack. It's e-mail!" I know that. I just like the shot through the wave. It works every time. Anyhoo, here we are, over the Wisconsin Dells and I can use this magic technology to write this and that so you can read it. Ain't the 21st Century grand?

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Karen said...

this is pretty grand. so is first class!