Friday, April 22, 2011

Waddling Towards Fitness: Update on a Beautiful Spring Day

Well, I could sit around the office waiting for the blower to spark and Thelma to answer, and her to say, "Caper on line 1, Jack" and me to say, "Tell them I'm not in..." and for Thelma to roll her eyes at me like I could afford to turn down a case and for me to feel guilty and pick up the line and pretend to be a real gumshoe, or I could go outside in the sunshine, head out on shank's mare, and stop by the Radio Room where Bar-Am would serve me up an icy cold one and I would sit in the sun and drink it. Hmmm, what to choose. "Have a good weekend, Thelma. Enjoy that Easter ham. I got business on the other side of the river." "A good one to you and Fiora, too, Jack, and say hello to Bar-Am..."

And I could add to my mileage for the month.

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