Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holy Smokes: Another Record Month for Waddling!

Just when I thought I couldn't walk more than 325 miles in a month, I left 328.09 miles in my wake in November, a short month at that. "Jackie-boy, this is nuts. You've got to get out of competition with yourself! Oh, have you purchased my new book, "Hijacking Your Holidays: 2 Steps to the Yuletide Gift of Guilt" by none other than the prolific Professor Javier Boleyn?


Unknown said...

Wow! Over 2000 miles for the year. So now you have to figure out how to combine the maps so you know your cumulative overlap. There must be road sections you've walked over 300 times this year! Way to go Jack!!

Jack D'Mestiere said...

2177.59 miles to be exact. I've walked on 259 days, including 211 in a row. Haven't missed since May 2. So no route over the max number. Actually, in a closer view on Google Earth, you can see the thickness of the line relates to the number of times I've walked the street.

Karen said...

Congratulations. You deserve every calorie that Hawaii has to offer you; Enjoy every moment!!