Monday, December 28, 2015

Dispatch from D'Mestiere Investigations: How Soon We Forget...

"Jack, you really need to kick it into gear and start writing your dispatches again--particularly those ones about Waddling Towards Fitness. I mean, I'm just saying' Jack, it's been more than a year since you found one of those buckets of lard you lost. You keep muttering and saying it's only temporary, soon we forget!"

"Aunt Jean's Jump Suit, Fiora, give me a break here. I mean first of all, I changed jobs, if you will kindly remember, back in September and it takes some getting used to..." "Sleeping in and not getting paid takes getting used to Jack? It's the cat and me that have had the adjustment. Ryman was used to having your spot in our bed at 5 in the morning, not to mention that I was happy not to have to snudge covers from you either. Now, it can be 6 o'clock or later and you're still snoozing'."

"Well, don't forget, I was awful busy watching Dania and Čučo work. Remember the kitchen project? Maybe not. How soon we forget..." "OK, Jack, I'll admit that watching them do their magic and drinking beer was pretty much a full-time job for you. Gee, I wonder where that lard came from. Oops, the phone is ringing...Oh 'Jackie-boy', it's for you..." "Professor, you caught me in the middle of...yes, yes, I know..." Whoan...

All kidding aside, here's a before and after tour of our kitchen. Me and Dolly-girl loved the 1938 charmer that was the kitchen we bought. But what a wonderful improvement our friends at Duri, Inc. made for us...But I'll tell you, it wasn't always easy drinking beer and staying out of their way...





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