Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Beautiful Afternoon in Portland: Walking for Groceries, Stopping for a Beer, and Dropping By a Friend's

For a day that started out cold, it sure turned into a beauty! We walked over to New Seasons to do some shopping. Walking along Ainsworth there were enough leaves to start to kick them. We passed under a beautiful sugar maple with glorious red and gold leaves. It reminds me that, as little as I cared for life in Ithaca, the fall colors make it a beautiful place on earth...

Outside the store was a guy carving, and I mean carving, a pumpkin, a box of pumpkins (thanks for telling us they are big...), some fall veggies on display, and a basket of pomegranates. Add a wisp of smoke in the air--not from burning leaves, but from Chuck Hinton's BBQ joint, the best ribs in Portland--and you had the perfect fall day.

Well, not quite, but it turned perfect when we stopped at the Concordia Ale House (one of our local taverns) for a TG Golden for Nancy and a HUB IPA for me. Then, a quick stop by Karen's at the house we moved to a year ago. What could top that? Our ballots were in the mail.

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