Sunday, October 12, 2008

Something I like About the Pearl District in Portland

Nancy and I strolled through the Pearl District today on the way to and from Powell's City of Books. I like that there are still industrial businesses mixed in with condos, Whole Foods, and lots and lots of small shops, most of which feature names that don't describe what they sell, use one or more foreign or made up words in their names, and have signs and logos that probably cost about a year's profit given the fact that not many people seemed to be in them.

The industrial operations do seem to have had their exteriors freshened up, I wonder at whose expense--their own or the entity that is The Pearl...

Here are a couple of my favorites. Bearing Service Company, with its rooms of engine parts--heads, short blocks, and fly wheels--and Phillips Electronics, its Alarm Systems sign still guarding the intersection of Flanders and NW 11th.

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