Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Beautiful Afternoon in Portland: Riding the Bus, Going to the Movies, and Walking Across the Broadway Bridge

Last week, Nancy and I hopped the 9 Broadway to Portland into town, went to see Rachel Getting Married, and then strolled around the Pearl District before heading over the Broadway Bridge and a ride home on the 6 MLK to Jantzen Beach.

It was a great fall day--beautiful sunshine, warm, and very windy. We were hoping the wind would blow the leaves off of our big leaf maple trees and down the street, out of our yard. No such luck.

On the way over the bridge, I stopped to take some snaps of the Albers Mill Building grain elevators. Albers was the largest cereal and grain company on the West Coast. The building was built about 1911 and was restored in 1989. It's now office space. The paintings on the elevator have been redone and are a real landmark in Portland. A big thanks from me to the Wheat Marketing Center and H. Naito Corporation for keeping this beautiful reminder of Portland's prominence in grain exporting (#1 wheat exporter in the US and 4.5 million tons of grains total).

Portlland's Steel Bridge from the
Broadway Bridge

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Ronna said...

Love the graphics on those grain elevators.