Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hood River Sunrises

I spent the week in Hood River, Oregon, a beautiful spot at the confluence of th Hood, White Salmon, and the Columbia rivers.

Contrary to most of the meetings I blog about, this one was held in a meeting room that looked out over the Columbia, as did my room at the hotel. Now, I'm not saying that led to a particularly productive meeting what with the concentration factor diluted by the chance to watch river traffic of barges headed upstream for more wheat, trains on the far side of the river, a saw mill, and the bridge and its associated activities.

The first few days were beautiful fall ones, before rain started on Thursday. The sunrises were beautiful over the Columbia, looking still and serene, backed up behind the Bonneville Dam.

Kingfishers and herons kept an eye out for a little something to eat, and we could see salmon jumping in the river as they headed up stream after a couple years in the ocean, looking for where they started life to start some new ones and end their own.

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