Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Momentous Sunday in Portland, Oregon II: Melted Snow and Rumpspankers for Breakfast!

Here, by popular demand, is another guest post from Nancy with a review of the delicious breakfast at Rumpspankers:

The Rumpspanker's breakfast menu is eclectic. Lots of sausages made in-house from salmon, lamb, and pork as well as assorted funky vegan offerings with names like Tempeh of Doom and Kung Fu Fighter. International influences from cuisines of the globe include Hungary, India, and Mexico. A whole new bevy of lunch and dinner offerings are...beyond broth.

For our Sunday breakfast feast, Karen chose Rosemary's Taters, a giant platter of grilled potato cakes seasoned with fresh rosemary and sage served with eggs and feta on a bed of spinach. Our server was quick to point out that the tater leftovers make a great cold potato salad. John opted for the Texas Brushfire under the "Skillet Row" category: chorizo and assorted vegies cooked and topped with pico scrambled eggs and cheese and served in the skillet at the table. Nancy went multi-grain healthy with Uncle Buck's Griddle-buckwheat waffles topped with pan-seared apples, honey nut granola and assorted dried fruit (dates, figs, and papaya)-yum! We shared a giant pot of organic French Press Coffee-talk about high octane caffeine-and parts of the Sunday paper.

Next time? One of us is definitely going to try the Triple Spanker. It's a Rumpspanker's original: ham, house sausage, two fried eggs, and muenster cheese stacked high with three crispy waffles.

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Great description; I can taste it!