Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Momentous Sunday in Portland, Oregon: Melted Snow and Rumpspankers for Breakfast!

Dateline The Former Woodlawn, Oregon
Special Guest Blog by Nancy

We woke late on Sunday to a ringing phone. John loaded the heater while I answered the blower. It was Karen. Friend, former landlady, down the street. Dead-battery in her Prius. Wondering if we'd help her with a jump-start. But first, we needed a blue plate. She suggested Rumpspankers on Dekum. Sure. We were looking at week-old scones.

For the past year, Rumpspankers has been on our list of MUST VISIT restaurants. OK, it's mostly been because of..the name. But let's not forget the joint's tag line "Beyond Broth"--who doesn't want to eat at a place whose claim to fame is being beyond something that most people in the United States rarely eat? So, finally, after months of wondering and salivating mystery, we walked and settled into a front window table.

The décor is beyond broth. Scarves, pillows hung from rope to be faux cushions behind tables along the wall. Christ, the place even sells its own organic produce. Who knew? The food is superb.

The best sight on our walk to Rumpspankers? This former snow person, gone the way of the Wicked Witch of the East in The Wizard of Oz: melted.

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Karen said...

Oh delight, you checked it out! What did you have?