Saturday, June 27, 2009

An Editorial Revision Post of April 29, A Monday Evening In the Valley: Drinks and Eats at 101

For loyal readers who are concerned that if I change the names and backgrounds of characters they won't keep up, I've revised the post of April 29. The BJ nickname was not working for me. Didn't work for Dolly-girl either. So BJ is Slider and Slider is Dixie's guy. So what's writing without editing?

Check out the revised post here or read what's different below:

Dixie's a chiquita from Florida. She and Slider met in a bar in Appalachicola where he stopped to eat some world-famous oysters on his way northwest when he was traded up from the Brevard County Manatees to the Montgomery Biscuits. It was his base stealing ability that got him a promotion from a run-down bus league to a beat-up bus league, but he blew an ACL in his first AA game and so he headed back to Appalachicola and the nurse he met doing shooters at Papa Joe's. Yeah, it's a sorta Bull Durham story, but with oysters and a nurse instead of cheap bourbon and a part-time teacher. How they got to The Valley, now that's another story for another time. Leave it at Slider couldn’t play ball anymore, but he could slide into the big pipes on the California coast. They're pals of Tootsie and Slim too and there's always a lot of laughs when they're around. Dixie works in the medical field--she gives people chest pains and they pay to get them. Go figure.

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Karen said...

I got all kinda ways to give people chest pain ;-)