Sunday, March 7, 2010

Waddling Through Peninsula Park--March 7, 2010

Sunday, March 7, 2010. "FAT MAN WALKING!" I yell to Nancy as I leave the house, only to see Mark and David's beautiful cherry trees across the street
I head out with the Arbor Lodge New Seasons Market in my sights. I could head to our usual New Seasons, but that's only 2 miles there and back and it just doesn't clear the bar for Wolfpackin'.

Down Ainsworth I go. Past our Alberta Park where the softball teams are out for the first practice of the year--or the first one I've seen and heard. DOINK! Nothing like the sound of an aluminum bat to get the juices flowing. NOT! Photinia is leafing out. I don't like it, but it's prolific!

Down past Peninsula Park, one of the most beautiful in the city in my book. The roses are starting to leaf out and the plaque to the left lists all the rose varieties in the garden. The garden maintenance is all done by volunteer rose nuts.

I arrive at Ainsworth and Interstate where the light rail runs. A lot of art was installed as part of Oregon's wonderful program that requires 1% of a public project cost be devoted to art. There's a small greenspace here with three metal tree totems. On the inside of the totems are poems about the totems written by neighborhood middle school students.

On I waddle, passing the Interstate Bowling lanes, scene of a recent roll-a-thon covered in that other blog. I'm not sure Jack and Dolly-girl, Slim and Tootsie, and Nunzio and Nita would have gone there if they'd seen it in the light!

Shopping done at New Seasons, I headed back across Rosa Parks Boulevard, across Interstate--"The Five" as Nancy calls it.

Rosa Parks was too hectic so I cut through the park again and saw these beautiful camellias. Headed for home, retracing my footsteps, groceries in my back pack, and Oscars on the TV tonight. As Donny would say, "Mark it 4.4 miles, Dude!"

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Ronna said...

The Dude definitely abides. Nice pix! Good walkin'.