Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Unlikely Allies in the War on LARD!: The Devereauxs and Radio Room

There was good news at the scale today, so I reviewed what I did yesterday to lead to that good news today. Two unlikely things clicked. As some know, friends of me and Fiora's are cogitating on moving up here to Stumptown from down The Valley. Me and her are all for Dixie and Delancy Devereaux getting their bumpki up here ASAP. And, as others know, Jack, in the form of me, myself, and I, have been waging a War on LARD! since August 1 of the last year. I speculated recently that I could couple the Beluga Slim Motivational Program with Professor Javier Boleyn's patented 2-Step DUH! Diet to achieve the results I seek by, in essence, Waddling for Beer. Well, tonight it hit me while I was rewarding myself for a successful day at the feed bag AND a 3.72 mile waddle (that's 393.98 calories burned, by the way). I invented Shanks Mare Realty. I will search neighborhoods for suitable housing for the Devereauxs while waddling for beer, thus Waddling Towards Happiness!

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Karen said...

Ooo ahhh! I am late to the blog, but very excited about this news! I will send addresses from far and wide post-haste!