Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dispatch from the Empire Builder: Getting light west of Libby

I could hear the telltale signs of Dolly-girl waking up. "Mmph" A yawn. A stretch. "Jack-honey, would you put that camera down and get me some java ? My coffee spot is emptier than Uncle Jackie's lunch bucket at quitting time." "Sure thing, Fiora--effeyeohareeh--I could use another drip myself. " "Where ARE we, anyway? I didn't feel them split the train in Spokane like usual." "That could be 'cause Spokane is still 4 hours away or so. We didn't lose anymore overnight, but Casey Jones up there didn't make us any time neither..." "Why Jack, I do believe you are sounding frustrated! What's with that, Mister-Everything-in Good-Time?" "Well jeeze Louise Doll...Fiora, define 'good'. We coulda got here faster in one of them conastoga wagons the pioneers fell out of--remember like the ones we saw over there in, what's the name of that place we went, Baker City?" "Relax Jack--are-ee-el-eh-ex--and look at the beautiful river..."

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