Friday, October 24, 2014

Dispatch from the Empire Builder: Last station stop Portland, Oregon

"Doll...effeyeohareeyeeh, wake up. We're back in Stumptown!" "Mmmph. What time is it?" "5:26 PM. We are only 5 hours and 46 minutes late. Not bad. We were scheduled to go 0.79 miles per minute and we went 0.71 miles per minute, roughly. Off by 11%. Or looking at it another way, 89% right. B+/A-". "Who died and made you Pierre-Simon LaPlace?" "Who?" "Famous mathematician. LaPlace transforms and all that." "Well, I don't know about that Dolly-girl. I'm just glad to be home and 89% right ain't bad...Welcome Home and thanks for a great trip,
effeyeohareeyeeh". "You too, jayehseekay..."

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