Friday, October 10, 2014

Dispatch from the Texas Eagle

Jack, what's with this Sunset Limited? I thought you told me we were on the Eagle."  "Right Dolly-Girl, we got on the 422 in Los Angelese, which is also the 2 which goes to NOLA--that's New Orleans..." "I know what NOLA IS..." "--and is called the Sunset Limited. They divided us in San Antonio--that's where the Alamo is..." "Jack, can the geography lessons and just stick to foaming about trains." "...that's what all that bumping was in the dark, and the power and A/C going off and waking up in front of the dining car instead of the caboose". "But I liked being the caboose!"

"And these tracks Jack! I like to be flung like a wet rag in the shower!"  "Gee Dolly-Girl, you're talking like you're from Texas!

I've been snapping some pictures and things sure did change overnight

And have a look at that cloud--more water in that than the state of California!

"Nice picture, Jack, but I still like "Chemult at Night--it captured the essence of the place! Meanwhile, when do we meet up with Anna-Maria?"  "Long about 2..." "Knock off the Texas talk, Jack..."

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