Sunday, April 20, 2008

In Venezia III

What a glorious day in Venezia! Clear blue sky and about 75-80F. I took off on a 5 mile loop early this morning--couldn't sleep from time change and I wanted to get some shots of places before the people arrived.

In the afternoon, Nancy and I headed out and ended up walking over 9 miles! Not all of that was planned--I forgot which side of the Canal Grande we were on and so I directed us to a Bridge Too Far and added 2 or 3 to the trek!

We stopped by the Cathedral of Giovanni e Paola (or as the Venetians call it, San Zanipolo) where I added to my "Floors of Italian Cathedrals" series of photos. Twenty-five Doges lie in tombs built by the Dominicans. The Chief Relic of the Cathedral is the foot of St. Catherine of Siena, pictured to the left. She is co-Patron of Italy, along with St. Francis, for convincing the Popes to return to Rome from Avignon. I posted this picture as my feet feel like hers looks...

Nancy's highlight of the day was getting locked in a restroom at a coffee shop--she struggled with the key and latch whilst I sipped the espresso we bought to gain her access to the badly behaving bath. She had one leg out the window apparently when the lock gave way. She wondered how long it would have taken me to look for her. I suppose a half-liter of wine or so...

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