Thursday, April 24, 2008

In Venezia VII

Ok, we went to Murano today--the Island of Glass. Unfortunately, the island has been taken over by this race of creature, in both blue and orange colors, that causes almost everything produced on the island to be really really ugly and/or tacky. I will refrain from posting the little guys with the anatomically correct features...

Back to observations on Murano. It's a pretty little place--sort of like a tiny Venezia. We took the #42 vaporetto from San Zaccaria and stopped first at the cemetery. It's loaded with fornaci, the furnaces and glass making shops. There are even more shops selling all sorts of wares from some very fabulous glass to some really hideous stuff. I'm betting more hideous than fabulous goes out the door. Dolphins in various colors seem to be a favorite.

The cemetery is an interesting place with a zillion graves. A great quiet spot to have a picnic. It looks like maybe you get 20 years or so of a regular kind of plot (see left if you call that regular) and then get moved to a stack (see below). Some of the current plots are, shall we say, impressive. The stacks appeal to me. Watering cans and ladders for servicing the flowers on the stack are provided.

All in all, not a bad place to rest. Ezra Pound, Joesph Brodsky, the Stravinskys picked it.

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