Sunday, April 20, 2008

In Venezia IV

The street where we live--Fondamenta Gherardini. Nancy by the Ramo that leads to our door. The window sills in the foreground are our apartment's front windows, facing on a small canal. Over the weekend there was a steady flow of gondola traffic past our place--it's part of a nice loop from the Canal Grande.

A view in the morning down the Fondamenta, through Campo San Barnaba, towards the Canal Grande. The vegetable boat is tied up just past the bridge. At night it closes, with bungee cords and a blue tarp providing security for the produce that's underneath. Closed on Sunday, but at 7:30 this morning I could tell they were at work--lettuce leaves floating down the canal means they are freshening the wares for the day.

In the opposite direction is a local school. The bells in the tower play off and on all day and chime the full and half hours all night. Quite the clamor of bells in Venezia--they quickly become, along with the sound of footsteps on the paving stones, the distinguishing sounds of life.

Just noticed that the post dates and times are still Pacific time--9 hours behind the actual posting time...

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