Monday, June 16, 2008

All's Well That Ends Well...

Sheryl survived the night, as we found out at about 4:45 this morning when she croaked (verbally) and her parents started cawing and urging her on. With much encouragement from her parents over the course of the day, Sheryl went from bush to the roof of our house where she spent, according to Nancy (reporter on the scene) most of the day wandering up and down trying to figure out what to do. Finally she flapped her way over to the garage roof and sat there for a while. Parents came and went, cawing and demonstrating how to move up in the tree over the garage. Finally, she flapped to the tree, moved up and then...Well, we don't know for sure. I went into the alley to check our garden, the parents went nuts, diving and cawing, and then Sheryl was gone. She isn't in the yard so we assume that she made it into a big Douglas-fir that we believe hosts the nest. The cawing has stopped. All is well. That's one lucky fledgling.

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