Friday, June 20, 2008

Caring for the Land and Serving People II

It's been a good 10 days with 3 different field trips. Wednesday found me at the HJ Andrews Experimental Forest, just east of Blue River, Oregon on the McKenzie-Blue River Ranger District of the Willamette National Forest. The Andrews is a flagship forest of the Experimental Forest and Range System and I'm lucky enough to administer it from my program at work.

The other day was the annual open house--this year about 140 people showed up for a day of field tours and talks about the research and land management that goes on in and around the Andrews. Still lots of people talking at people, but in a spectacular old-growth setting.

I've experimented a lot with photos of hardhats in focus and out. Lots of people don't like them, but I think they are colorful and fun and they are a part of our safety program--PPE we call them. Can't do without acronyms or abbreviations, this time Personal Protective Equipment...

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