Saturday, June 21, 2008

Survival of the Fit, or, What's a Mother to Do?

Pictured to the left, Sheryl just before she left our charge on Monday
A seemingly quiet Saturday afternoon until a sudden outburst of raucous cawing. Nancy looked out the window and there was Sheryl Crow in a branch of our neighbor's Douglas-fir. She flew down to the ground amid much cawing. Nancy figured, fine, she's learned to fly and everything is OK. Hmmm, she figured too soon. Sheryl, with parents cawing like crazy, took to the air and managed to get as far as the next neighbor's house where she landed in a clay flower pot...right in front of a cat! The parents went ballistic, zooming around and buzzing Nancy, who was on the sidewalk, and the cat, Wilbur/Too, whichever. I scared the cat away and scared Sheryl into a shrub. I think it's time for Darwin to take over...

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