Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Travels in Québec II: La Vierge Marie Me Surveille Aujourd'hui

Everywhere I went today the Virgin Mary seemed to be watching over me.

Yesterday I wrote about Europe in North America. Today I saw Industrial North America and the villages that surround it. The town of Shawinigan was a trip back in time for me. It reminded me of the near west side of Cleveland when Cleveland was a paragon of Industrial America. It was more than a little like Plymouth, Pennsylvania must have been at the height of coal mining prosperity, not what it's like now.

Tonite finds me safe and sound in the Saguenay where the weather has cleared and it's a beautiful evening. It's nice to be back in the boreal forest. The drive took me past lakes and bogs and spruce stands reminiscent of Algonquin and the Boundary Waters.

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