Friday, August 8, 2008

Virtual Vacation: Bronze, Brews, and Blues 2008--Getting to Joseph

We began our annual pilgrimage to Joseph, Oregon for the Bronze, Brews, and Blues festival, the "Best Little Blues Fest in the West". It's a long drive, but it takes us through some of the most beautiful parts of the state--the Columbia Gorge, the Blue Mountains, the Grande Ronde Valley, and the Wallowa Mountains. It also takes us past New York Richies, the best pizza in Oregon, and the Terminal Gravity brewery, some of the best beer in Oregon, to hear some of the best music in Oregon. Here are some of the worst videos in Oregon to share our trip

The trip up Cabbage Hill and Deadman pass

The Island City/La Grande outpost of New York Richie's

It's the real thing

Lostine, Oregon

NY Richie's in Enterprise\

Welcome to Joseph!


Ronna said...

Man, I can taste that pizza! NY Richies is the best fer sure!

griffiskc said...

It feels just like I'm there... well, sort of.

Newsman said...

Gidday, Jean et Nancy
We just watched the Welcome To Joseph video and it was just like being there, without the bumps in the road.
All the best from me, Ronna and the lads up the line.
She is damp here, so damp, I had to stop sawing down a poplar. And that is damp!
Have a good time at the Bronze, Blues and Brews.
And have a cold one for us, eh?