Thursday, August 21, 2008

Travels in Québec IV (The Real IV): Birch Bark and Yard Art

Two things to share this afternoon. Yesterday I wrote about jack pine cones. Today I ran into some birch bark. I've always loved birch bark, starting back in about 1957 I suppose when the family went to Nova Scotia on vacation. Camping our way northeast and back again, my dad taught us all sorts of woods things, although I came to find out later that he didn't really know anything about the woods. On that trip, we peeled some bark off a tree, wrote ourselves a note, slapped a 2¢ stamp on it, and the Post Office delivered it back to Berea. Of course, now I know that you don't peel bark from live trees. I also know that when you are canoeing in the northwoods and you need to start a fire, grab some bark from a dead birch (or carry some in your pack) and use it as tinder. It burns, even when wet, because it's full of oil. That's lore for Number 1.

Number 2? I passed by this house today and I have to admit, I have never seen a water feature in a yard that consisted of a large dragon spewing water from its mouth! With shades! I suspect it's new and hasn't cured enough to get a coat of paint yet. Next trip...

That's Canadiana for Number 2.

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Ronna Mogelon said...

Did you notice the little brass plaque. Bein, it's signed too!