Monday, August 18, 2008

Travels in Québec I: Europe in North America

I spent the morning in Beauharnois, up the Fleuve Saint Laurent from Montréal looking at this and that and taking some pictures like this one of St. Therese de la Infant Jesus and a beautiful dahlia.

There are plenty of enclaves in the US where you can feel like you are in Europe--there were lots of little pockets in Cleveland where I grew up and in Northeastern Pennsylvania where Nancy hails from. But the largest enclave by far is Québec. Even the development along the roads in cities looks like France and Italy.

This afternoon, I'm in Shawinigan on the Saint Maurice river about 30 km upstream from where it joins the Fleuve Saint Laurent at Trois Rivières. Trois Rivières should actually be Deux Rivières since two of the three rivers that come together are branches of the Saint Maurice formed by islands in the stream.

There's a cracking big thunderstorm going on and I snapped these shots just before the pour-down started.

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