Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Eve: Fun at Curious Comedy Theater, A Community Gem!

Dolly-girl's blower started hopping around on the table like a jumping bean. Ryman jumped for the stars as she sat up from davenport nap position. "What the!?" "Jeesh, kill the tsunami, Dolly-girl. You musta put that blower on 'Vibrate' somehow. Of course, who would know 'cause it's never turned on when I call...Anna-Marie didn't teach you how to use that old one of hers?" "Well, it's my blower and I'll turn it on when I want. I musta left it on after I called and said to bring home some java from the grocers." She looked it--Juanita. She didn't get it before it quit jumping so she called her back to get the low-down. Turns out Juanita and Nunzio were rounding up whoever could be rounded to check out a laugh spot not far from where we set the brake. Curious Comedy Theater was the name of the joint and it lived up to it.

We were up for it so come the eve of the New Year, a crowd of us including me and Dolly-girl, Juanita and Nunzio, Dixie and Delancy, and their friends, Georgina and Roberto, from down The Valley, gathered up and settled in, ready to laugh. I was there to tell you here that for the next four hours there weren't many chuckles. That's because hoots, guffaws, peals, snorts, and har-hars were the order of the day. The Curious Comedy Troupe was ready for our crowd, and about 96 more, with stand-up, sketches, improv, covers and all that about times 4 seeing as how there were 4 acts in the night.

Besides the belly-laughing action, there was dancing, trapeezing-sort-of-acrobatics, and silk climbing that was pretty phenomenal. Of course, it reminded me of my own day as an acrobat which consisted of climbing a rope from the floor of a gym to the ceiling and then sliding back down, bringing my carcass and a distinct smell of burning flesh to the ground. There was a ton of similarity in that we all started on a floor, climbed to a ceiling and ended up back on the floor. Other than that, though, I guess my acrobatic feat and theirs, which involved a lot of dexterous feats with feet, weren't much alike. I tried to capture the midnight action with my Kodak--a tiny acrobat --a sort of Human-Times-Square-Ball-of-Energy allowed herself to fall to almost-the-floor as we counted down!

We toasted the New Year with the bubbly stuff, then we wished Dixie a Happy Birthday 'cause 1-1-11 is her birthday (it's also Dolly-girl's secret code for her blower--pretty clever, eh?). When the stage was empty, we got up, held our sides to keep our ribs from vibrating in laughter aftershocks, and headed out into the New Year! If you ask me and Dolly-girl, there was no better way to welcome 2011, and whatever it brings this world of ours, than with friends and a night watching living human beings give their all to entertain a bunch of strangers and make them laugh. We're pretty sure 98 other Stumptowners (well, and 4 from down The Valley) felt the same.