Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dispatch from the Sea: Learning Local Customs

The motley crue returned to ship in high spirits after a day off, relaxing in the sand and drinking the refreshing beverages the locals were able to concoct from no visible resources. I conclude that they transport supplies by some means.

After casting off the starboard hawsers and the port bowsing lines, I barked a few random nautical terms and we left whatever island found us. Yes, it's true. Although we have advanced navigational equipment at hand, I forgot to pack the nautical charts. My mate reminded me that not everything is her job. So, for the sake of documentation, I bartered for a crude chart from the locals. They kept referring to their island as a (phonetically presented in this log) "Pry-vat rhes-ort-leece-d'bye-ryal-karab-e'han". I was not able to determine the etymology of that term, or the label "Labadee" on the sketchy chart they gave me...

After our evening hard tack, a measure of grog was distributed while the ship's anthropologist demonstrated some of the local song and dance customs they observed. Entertaining, and a spirit lifter (in more ways than one) for all on board.

Current location: Latitude: 25.041368 Longitude: -72.681851 Altitude: 230.725113,-72.681851 No Address Available

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