Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dispatch from the Sea: Where's Puerto Rico?

Ok, so we don't necessarily read everything completely. We were enjoying a few quaffs last night, anticipating solid ground today in San Juan. Imagine our faces when one of the wedding party said "Tomorrow? You mean Sunday, don't you?" YIPES! Another 1.75 days of looking at the ocean and walking in circles...

Well there's always Schooner's Bar and The Chamber--a DJ run operation with strobes, mirror balls, loud music and dancing. And where the minority hangs out--you know, people who are wondering "What the hell am I doing on a cruise ship?"!

Oh, the Master of the Ship welcomed us last night too. Quite the night!

Current location: Latitude: 27.795610 Longitude: -68.979669 Altitude: 80.038559,-68.979669

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