Saturday, July 19, 2008

Caring for the Land and Serving People III

This week found me in a windowed conference room (but not much of a view) talking about the structure of our organization and what we might do in order to deliver the goods more effectively. In slow moments of meetings, I like to set my Coolpix L3 on the table and take pictures of the meeting--the long view. Here are a couple shots of colleagues, the agenda --the colorful paper in the first picture--flip chart sheets (what's a meeting without flip charts), and my Blackberry (serving as my clock in a clock-less room).

From time to time in meetings like these I think about science versus science management. Are we helping or hindering? Should science anarchy prevail? Should it be more tightly controlled? What's the right mix? Does it make any difference?

Sure would be nice to have a view...

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Ronna said...

Okay, those are definitely work shots and NOT holiday shots...but they are pretty darn cool.