Thursday, July 24, 2008

Virtual Vacation: Local Food

Ronna started this thread. I'm in Our Nation's Capital (or Their Nation's Capital, for friends in other countries) so it's not really local food. Chances are, Chuck Hinton's BBQ will hit this page before long. However, be that as it may, here's some "local food" I've consumed lately.

My daughter, Molly, and I went to Zola the other night. Here's her "Zoljito"--their version of a Mojito--along with a glazed chicken with asparagus on a pastry shell filled with caramelized onion custard or something. I had a baked black cod with fennel spatzle and oranges. A side of roasted potatoes with cherry tomatoes stuffed with goat cheese finished us off.

Very nice restaurant, right next to the International Spy Museum, nice design, good wines, you know, just your average local food...

On the other hand, the building I've been working in, the faceless structure tucked away in Rosslyn next to the Newseum (featured in this blog the other day), has a "buffet" in the basement. "Buffets" are very popular here in Our/Their Nation's Capital so people can get something to eat quickly. I've been "enjoying" the "buffet" all this week. Here's todays before and after shots.

Before and After shots...

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Ronna said...

Somehow the food on YOUR virtual vacation seems tastier than the stuff on MY virtual vacation. Looked amazing!!