Friday, July 25, 2008

Virtual Vacation: Local Food II

Or maybe this post should be called Local Food Place as there are no pictures of actual food--I forgot to snap the pizzas, which by the way, were very photogenic. I guess you will have to trust me. Yes, they looked better than they tasted. I would put them somewhere in the Portland range, not as good as Hot Lips, maybe as good as Good Neighbor. Not as good as Oregon's Best--New York Richie's in Island City and Enterprise, but definitely pizza, as opposed to anything called pizza in Corvallis. Anyway, here are some low light motion shots in the restaurant, Pizzeria Paradiso.

They have a quote on their web page from The Washingtonian, whatever that is, saying that the pizza was better than any in Naples. I doubt it. Maybe Naples, Florida, but I doubt that too. It was not as good as Pizza al Volo in Campo Santa Margarita, Venice. The ceiling, pictured to the left, was painted in a very cool fashion.

However, this guy was crawling towards the restaurant!

Oh, what's this Virtual Vacation thing? For the past few years, we have vacationed with our friends Richard and Ronna from near Ottawa, Ontario--that's in Canada. They've come here a couple times and we've joined them in Quebec. Well, this year we couldn't make it work for a variety of reasons, so we decided to do a Virtual Vacation and post our exploits on our blogs. We are supposed to be doing wacky things around home, and we will, but Ronna called a start to the vacation and I happened to be off on a trip to DC. Check out the activities at our blog sites--Ronna, Nancy, and Richard are each posting away.

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griffiskc said...

I finally figured out how to sign on! Looking forward to the coop pictures!