Friday, July 4, 2008

Noontime, Portland, July 4, 2008

Today is our 10th anniversary and the 14th anniversary of the day I met Nancy at a backyard, 4th of July picnic at Denise's house. As Iris Dement puts it, "God bless the day that you came along and you tipped my apple cart, you made me hotter than Mojave in my heart." Still do!

We headed over to Vancouver (The 'Couv), Washington to Historic Ft. Vancouver to see the Maya Lin Confluence Project site. It's a neat idea to commemorate Lewis and Clark's expedition at a number of different sites along the route. The idea was advanced by Pacific Northwest Indian Tribes and other civic groups.
Vancouver Land Bridge--Designed by Seattle architect Johnpaul Jones, a 40-foot-wide, earth-covered pedestrian bridge, adorned with native plantings, arches over State Route 14. The bridge reconnects the land to the waterfront, where a "treaty table" artwork by Maya Lin will reside.

Unfortunately, Ft. Vancouver is also the site of Vancouver's big celebration, so people were streaming in, parking was at a premium with cars already claiming spots to view the fireworks at 10 PM, and it was no place for a quiet picnic. We tried a couple other spots on the way back across the river, but ended up with a backyard picnic. Seems appropriate!

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