Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fun with Reflections, Stayton, Oregon, July 13, 2008

Nancy did a reading from her Oregon Book Awards-nominated
The Hours of Us
today in Stayton.

I took some pictures and then headed off for some mundane tasks like finding someone to cut my hair and change the oil in the car. Not the same person, although I think it could have been. The price of oil changes has increased by about $50 per bbl (I love that abbreviation), but haircuts remain stable.

It was a perfect day for photographing Stayton, a formerly prosperous farming community that may become prosperous again when people discover it would be cheaper to pay fifteen bucks for a haircut than to drive to Salem and pay 10. Of course, some of us would have to accept not being able to get a haircut on the Lord's Day.

The guy at Oil Can Henry's told me 3 times what a great deal it was to come back within 500 miles of the due date on my sticker, and then proceeded to record a mileage that was at least 80,000 below my odometer, and didn't even end in the same numbers. Of course, I told him my name was John Flynn and I lived in Corvallis...

These snaps are from around town. In most of them you can see Sunday afternoon goings-on, or the lack of them, reflected in windows. This last one is a shot of a "Radio Service" sign inside an electronics store? filled with junk and smelling of must. Caught in the reflection is the Covered Bridge Cafe across the street.

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Molly Laurence said...

be nice if you shared what bbl means for the rest of us...