Sunday, August 15, 2010

Catching a Clipper North

From time to time, there are people up North of the Border that I need to talk with. It always makes me a little antsy 'cause you know, I'm missing two things I like to travel with--Dolly-girl and Messrs. Smith & Wesson. Wait, is that three things? Naw, I guess S&W is one because I don't carry two. After all, this isn't the Old West.

Dolly-girl took me to the airfield in the roadster, which was nice because it saved a cab fare (although I do like to contribute to the Radio Cab economy) and it gave me a chance to plant a big one on her kisser before I ran to the gate as they were calling, "Last call for the North-bound Clipper, Last Call..."

I just barely had time to stop and aim the Kodak at these dresses on display made from recycled things--Kitty (no relation) Litter bags, coffee filters, and gelato cups. Pretty clever, if you ask me, which you didn't but you are reading this so you sort of asked me...

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Karen said...

Have a good trip!