Sunday, August 15, 2010

Waddling Towards Fitness: LARD is ALL Around me

Every once in a whatever, I need to come North of the Border to talk with some people that need talking to. As I waddled to the flight north today, I realized that this is as close as I will get to my beloved Coffee Crisp. Tim Horton's? Not a cracklins chance in a pot of boiling LARD!

Bill, I need your help! Talk me down! Give me strength! Sing LARD is All Around Me! ...Find something lean to cook!

OK ,I'm off the ledge. I found a Safeway and got some Wasa Bread (no Finn Crisp available, Javier), some carrots, and smoked almonds which are a steal, by the way at 6 calories per nut. Whew, a magazine of bullets dodged. LARD IS all around me...

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