Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dispatch from Paris: Nous sommes arrivés!

As readers of these pages know, me and Dolly-girl are off on a vacances française during which we intend to take in the sights, sounds, and food--well, and maybe le vin aussi--of the City of Lights, les Pyrenees, (Basque lands south of the border to0), Bordeaux, and Normandy. We hopped a trans-Atlantic clipper from 'Frisco, as Dolly-girl likes to refer to the home of Javier Boleyn, and set down right on time in France. Of course, right on time was about 22 hours after the Kavanaugh's dropped as at Stumptown Field. That left a bedraggled couple of Américains à Paris.

We took some time to regroup, which meant a good hose-off for me and a dose of Mr. Sandman for Dolly-girl. The nap turned into more than her usually, "Just give me five minutes of shut-eye, Jack, and I'll be fit as a Flynn", so I grabbed the Kodak and headed out to make some proof that we're here. I stopped and picked up a couple bottles of skid-row, a rosso, oops, I mean un rouge et un blanc, and tried out mon français a la boulangerie. I walked out the door with a couple of petite pains, including one avec lardon et chèvre to keep us goin' until we can hit the streets today.


Ronna said...

Very exciting. Keep those posts a-comin'!

Karen said...

Glad you arrived in one piece. Enjoy!